Welcome to my new site!

This blog is dedicated to all you foodies out there who have an insatiable desire for good food! Food is an all consuming thought of mine. I think about, dream about, and pretty much wake up thinking about what I can create today in my kitchen. My husband and kids will tell you that its pretty much my life (ok, other than dreaming of  having my own homestead). But that’s a story for a different time. If you really think about it, food is the center of our lives!  Hey, it’s what got Eve into trouble in the garden of Eden right?? Well.. sort of. If you stop by my house at any given time you will most likely find me in the kitchen or perusing a great cookbook. I find inspiration in the weirdest things too. For instance, lying in bed at about 2:30 in the morning, I was pondering how Sara Lee gets that yummy crumbly topping on their butter streusel coffee cake not to sink into the center of the cake batter, and BAM! it hit me, I jumped out of bed and made my first batch of Cream Cheese Streusel Morning Muffins. They were delish!!! But seriously, my goal is to get you to appreciate the art of cooking and hospitality. Forget about the take out 3 times a week and dust off your pots and pans and lets whip up something goooood!

PS. For all of you wannabe cooks, “With God all things are possible”… Matthew 19:26