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Goodwill (1)Welcome to our first edition of “Thrifty Thursday”. Here I will show and tell you what The Ravenous Kitchen scored this week while out thrifting. I quite often mention in my blogs that I am a diehard fan of GoodWill, Thrifty Threads, Craigslist, Ebay……and basically any store that has used or gently used items. Most of my hauls consist of kitchen type gadgets but from time to time I score really nice dresses, candles, and clothes for my daughters. Just right after Christmas I scored 2 large bottles(plastic seal attached) of Philosophy brand body wash and lotion for $2.99 each!  They were still in a gift box when I spied them. Anyone who is familiar with Philosophy knows what a steal that was.  I guess someone didn’t like their Christmas gift and decided to donate to GoodWill. O well, their loss…..MY gain!

You would be surprised what people will donate to GoodWill. The wackiest I have seen so far is packaged valentines day candy sitting on the shelf (mind you, this was in June.) Craigslist is also one of my favorite sources to purchase new and gently used items as well. As a matter of fact, earlier this week I was perusing Craigslist and typed in the word “kitchen” under the search menu. Low and behold, someone was trying to sell a name brand, new, in the box, instructions and all, BREAD MACHINE!!! A chorus of angels were singing in my ear. I have been wanting a bread machine for years. He wanted $20.00, I offered $15.00 and it was a done deal. I’m making a loaf of french bread this very minute to go with my pasta e fagioli for dinner tonight.

Thrifters are made, not born. It takes diligence and patience to score that one special thing you have drooled about and maybe even coveted from your next door neighbors house. But folks, trust me, it’s out there, just waiting to be thrown out and picked up by you.

This Week’s Haul:

Marble Rolling Pin-$4.99 marble rolling pin

gold platedgold plated 2 24k Gold Plated Flat Ware  (41 pieces) – $6.00

mini rolling pin

Vintage Double Rolling Pin- .99¢ 

Cutting Board with Pastry Guide – $1.99  Cutting Board Cutting Board 2