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Everyday Miracles……look around around you and your bound to find one. Today I was at my desk and happened to look out the window to see my next door neighbor’s granddaughter running and chasing a butterfly. Such innocence in itself is a miracle. Especially in the day and age we live in where little lives are many times shattered by abuse and neglect. Everyday Miracles…the very breath you took just now is a miracle. God made our physical bodies with such care and preciseness. Although man may attempt to create with science and technology, can never come close to our Almighty who makes all things good. I recently read the account in which several rescue workers unsuccessfully attempted to rescue a young lady from a car accident in which she became trapped inside her vehicle. Out of seemingly nowhere, a man dressed as a Catholic Priest asked if he may enter the crash scene to anoint and pray with the young lady. After several minutes he walked back to the rescue workers anointing them with oil as well and then calmly reassured them that they would now be able to retrieve the girl and that all would be well. Within minutes the girl was removed from the wreckage and taken to the hospital. However, the priest who prayed was no where to be found. This event has triggered a nationwide buzz for the identification of the “mysterious miracle Priest.” But, all I have to say is everyday miracles…….

“People were overwhelmed with amazement, “He has done everything well,” they said. He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.” Mark  7:37