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It just dawned on me that I have never really given the followers of The Ravenous Kitchen a look inside my life. I guess I get so wrapped up in testing and preparing recipe’s that it has somehow slipped my mind that you really don’t know much about the author of this blog. So, I am going to take a few minutes to get you up to date on my oh so exciting life (not).


First of all, I am the daughter of the Most High God and follower of Jesus Christ.

I am saved by His grace and desperately need grace and mercy everyday because I am not perfect and I mess up usually on a daily basis.


marky and kelly

I am married to who I think is the best and most honorable man in the world (second only to my dad). He is a hard worker who has to put in way too many hours at our store so that he can provide for us. As a small business owner, he strives to put our customers needs first instead of the all-mighty $. Most importantly he is an awesome dad to our 3 daughters and is a feyock girlgreat example of what a Christian dad should be.

I am a stay at home mom by calling, which I think is the most important gift I can give my kids at this point in their lives. The are my ministry, and although I fall short many times, I pray that I am doing my best.

I love BIG families. I come from a large family and have eleven siblings! I hope to have more children in the future either naturally or through adoption. We were foster parents to a few little babies and loved each and every one of them as our own.  I have the best examples of what loving and caring for a family means with my parents; William and Betty.

I home school our youngest daughter.  I have homeschooled all 3 of my daughters at some point in their school years. The years that I homeschooled my children are priceless! I know that I instilled godly values and they by their own admission, tell me that they learned more in home school than they ever learned in public school. (just saying)


We can respectfully agree to disagree on this subject OK? I will say that I am a conservative, although I don’t consider myself a Republican or Democrat. I believe that ALL life (human) is a gift from God and should not be destroyed due to “unplanned” or “unwanted” pregnancies.  I believe in the biblical definition of marriage between a man and woman. I feel that our government should stay out of our lives as much as possible and be real supporters of small businesses in America!



It’s no secret that we would rather be living out in the country on about 20 acres. We love where we live now (suburbia) but we can’t do what we want to do in a covenant restricted community. We want to be semi self-sufficient with a large area for gardening, chickens for eggs and  maybe a few goats for milk and cheese of course! No such luck in the “burbs”. So, we keep praying and hoping that we will get the opportunity to move. (soon Lord, soon!!)



I don’t think there is much left to say, since I would not be me if the above mentioned did not exist. I’m not the perfect homemaker, so don’t be surprised to see laundry piled up and even beds that need to be made.

I love entertaining and opening my home to family and friends. I know that I may sound old-fashioned and even a bit antiquated in my ideas, but I love to keep home and take care of my family. Sure, I could go out and probably make good money with all of my education and work experience, but that would not be me.

Maybe things would be easier for us financially and we could acquire more “things.” But, I choose to put those things aside and focus on what I consider the most important “things” like being a being available for my family during these most critical years in their lives.

Girls, lets face it, you can’t do it all. No one can be successful at everything for very long. Something or worse yet, someone will suffer. I hope to encourage women to take the least popular path and stay home with your kids if at all possible. They grow up so quickly before you know it. I should know, I have one about to fly the coup next year.