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This armoire holds a lot of sentimental value because it was one of the first pieces of furniture we purchased for my daughter Chloe, who was my first baby. This cherished armoire held all of my daughters blankets, teddy bears and all of her pink girly trinkets. It has seen better days as it was passed down to 2 additional children. Since my children are well past the baby stage, I have more recently used this armoire to hold my coveted cookbook collection.

I mentioned in a previous blog that we are doing a mini kitchen renovation and this piece of furniture had the pleasure of receiving a new makeover. It took a few days to complete as I had to completely sand down the old finish and prepare it for a new stain. I took out the original glass doors and replaced them with chicken wire so that the piece would have a country farm house flair. Although the color is not quite what I anticipated (bluish/grey), I am very pleased at the subtle blue color and how it all turned out.

Total Cost of Project : $27.88

Minwax White Tint Base/Pearl Gray Tint

1 in 10 ft Poultry Wire

Heavy Duty Stapler/Staplers

2 Paint Brushes

FYI: don’t attempt this project in 94 degree temperature and humidity. It took almost 2 days just to dry. 

Enjoy the pics!