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Well, my husband has gone and done it again! I guess he was tired of hearing me complain about the lack of storage space in my kitchen. I really believe that they don’t make houses or should I say kitchens like they used to. Or maybe we just have too much “stuff”. Humph?? Anyway, I really like the way this cart turned out because not only is functional for storage, it also serves as my baking station. Now I don’t have the lug the 30 pound KitchenAid mixer around when I want to do some baking.

This project was rather simple and only took one weekend to complete. I think the total cost was around $80.00, which is not bad considering a cart like this at Pottery Barn would cost you upwards of $400.00.

I hope you will to try a DIY project of your own this weekend. Start with something simple like a wreath for your door or perhaps stain a piece of furniture a new and vibrant color.  Saving $$$ by doing it yourself, has become a way of life at The Ravenous Kitchen homestead.  Here are some pictures of the project from start to finish.

P.S. The plans for this cart came from the ana-white.com website. She is one sister that knows her carpentry stuff and all self-taught to boot!

cart 5










cart 2