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Today at church, our Pastor asked the congregation the very provocative question “Has Your Fire Burnt Out”. Not in the romantic sense, but have we allowed church to just become church? Are we just going through the motions of being a Christian but not having a fervor and desire to seek God in all of his fullness and glory? As I sat there and pondered his question, sadly I had to admit that I have become one of those. Though not on purpose I suppose, and based on the number of people who responded to his altar call, I’m not the only one. In Leviticus 6:8-13, God was giving instructions to Moses regarding the procedures for Aaron to follow regarding the sacrifice. His instructions to the priest was to never let the fires of altar go out. God is represented as fire all throughout the bible. This same command was repeated at least 3 times in this same chapter. Do you think God was trying to tell us something?? Unless we keep the fires of altar burning in our hearts we will never see the true power of God come to down from heaven to touch our churches. We will never see healing in our land and generations changed forever because GOD IS IN THE FIRE!