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baby pic  I have been reading a book title “American Woman’s Home” by sisters Catherine Beecher and Harriet Beecher-Stowe(Uncle Tom’s Cabin) dating back from the late 1800’s regarding the roles of women in the home.  I love the book credits which says “This book is dedicated to ALL the women of America in whose hands rest the real destinies of the Republic”. Wow! what an honor it is to be a mother in which rest in my hands (through Gods grace), the destiny of this country. What a powerful statement! It’s funny that a book written so long ago would still have relevance in our very liberal world we live in today. These two humble and wise sisters knew what it would take to run a successful household and to raise children who would have a love and reverence for God.

What this book is essentially saying is that women really hold the power in this county. Although we have always had men in the Presidential office, it was in fact a woman who got him there. This is not a feminist propaganda book, actually far from it.  We are the ones who nurture, fortify and train our children up on a daily basis. I am not , I repeat, NOT bashing men and their roles in raising our children, but if truth be told, who does little Johnny run to when he has a boo-boo?  For the most part, it is the woman who has the majority of influence on her children because in many cases dad is at work all day trying to provide for his family. This statement should be especially empowering for all of the brave single moms who have all the responsibility on their shoulders. Even though this book was written over a century ago, the Beecher sisters were very much in tune in what a woman experiences on a day to day basis while trying to raise a family.

So, what exactly am I trying to say?  Well, first of all read this book if you have the chance. (I downloaded it for free on Kindle) and of course, the Bible which is our first source for guidance and wisdom on raising our children. Lastly, my wish is that women would stick together and help each other rather than compete against each other or try to “one -up” each other. Remember, we have the power and influence to raise up the next Rosa Parks or Billy Graham to do great and mighty things.

“Train up a child in the way they should go; even when they are old they will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6