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Whew! What a weekend. I had the absolute pleasure of catering my sister-in-law youngest sisters baby shower. The weather was perfect and the venue was beautiful except for the falling acorns from my enormous oak trees in my backyard. Luckily there were no concussions suffered and all had a fantastic time. When planning for the shower we mulled over different venues and themes, but the autumn theme kept coming back. Why not? I had the perfect setting (my backyard) and since baby Noah is due in late November, it seemed to just fall in place.

We kept the food simple yet very tasteful. But more than that, I thought the decor and the setting brought everything together. I enlisted the help of my sister Jaime (decorator extraordinaire) and my 3 hard-working live in assistants and we set off to make this a shower to remember.

I could not have a more perfect job. I love catering and making the events that I am involved with all the more special by adding in little surprises sprinkled throughout.

A special thank you to Tori and Denise for allowing me to be a part of a very special day!

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