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P1090663  Looking out of my patio door this morning, I dreaded the fact that the last few vegetables and herbs in my potager were ready for harvest. The tomatoes I planted must have some kind of resistance to cold temps because as of today, with all of the cold overnight temperatures we have experienced, look what I harvested this afternoon!

I am so very proud of my first little garden and dream of having 5 acres of my own one day in the country. As a matter of fact, every Sunday my husband and I scour the real estate websites in hopes of finding our little place in the sun.chicken-dreams

No such luck just yet, but I know that it will be soon. I am not sure what our total yield was from our garden because I did not weigh my produce but it was plenty enough to keep a family of 5 fed and happy this summer.


This gardening experience has taught us a lot about the process of being self-sufficient and the abundance of the variety of produce and herbs that God has so blessed us with.

I am already making plans to expand my potager next year with the addition of a few dwarf apple trees. If I had it my way, I would have a full working farm in my backyard, but I don’t think the neighborhood association would look too kindly on that!


Here a just a few pictures of some of my harvest from today. The green ones will sit on my window ledge to further ripen.

The red tomatoes and herbs are just perfect for my delicious spaghetti sauce that I am making for dinner tonight.